What's My Home Worth?

If you are considering selling your home and you need a reliable value to see if the numbers make sense, then I would be happy to help you. We have had a very strong Sellers’ market for several years but, as interest rates are now starting to go up, the window of opportunity may be closing soon. So, if you want “Top Dollar”, now may be the best time in our lifetimes to sell.

While many companies can give you a value number based on a “canned program” which takes only a few minutes to create, I have found that such “canned” value should only be a starting point on creating a true valuation of your property as there can be many unique factors that go into the value of your home that the “canned programs” simply can’t capture properly. Indeed, when you get a number from a “canned program”, you get no explanation on how that number was created. Views contain unique values… lot topography can be unique…space use and floorplan can be unique…and quality of upgrades (if any) all need to be a part of the final value. A well thought out value tailored to your property takes days, not minutes, to create. And, if you are serious about selling, being patient is well worth the wait.

This art of crafting a value is critical to getting “Top Dollar” for your home when you sell. The values I establish help in developing a proper asking price…not too low (where you get a lot of offers sometimes hundreds of thousands higher than the asking price but often still leaving money on the table!) and not too high (where potential Buyers take a “wait and see” attitude until you either reduce the price or negotiate and ultimately often take less than you might have gotten if you priced properly).

When I come up with a value, I can explain how I developed it and I can justify it not just to Buyers but also to Appraisers as loans are critical for many transactions. For example, in 2021, I listed a home for $1.2 million more than any home that had sold in the history of one neighborhood because the property had a number of unique value factors that, in my opinion, justified the much higher price; I then sold the home at full price to a serious qualified Buyer who included a loan as part of his purchase. The deal stayed together because I was able to explain my rationale for the substantially higher price for this unique home to two separate appraisers. Setting new values for unique properties is what I have done consistently in my 34 year career in Palos Verdes Estates, in Rolling Hills, in Rolling Hills Estates, in Rancho Palos Verdes and in Redondo Beach where I listed a property many years ago for the highest value of any home sold in the history of the city and then sold it at full price…a record price that was not exceeded for 10 years.


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