Helped Us Immensely

Dear Sheila-Anne:

Mark and I have been rarely inclined to endorse anyone for a job well done given our expectations for quality service. However we were quite pleased with our recent transaction and wanted to share this with you.

Little could we know when we met you this past summer that your efforts would contribute so much to our smooth transition to Miami, Florida. As you know from your many years of experience, any decision to move is filled with trepidation and stress. The current real estate market did little to bolster our optimism that our transition would be anything but a huge headache. We entered the housing market with a desire to sell our house, but with the realistic possibility of maintaining properties on both coasts for the foreseeable future. It was in this setting that you provided us with a most thorough professional assessment of our situation and the market. You were able to provide us with your unique view of the house emphasizing qualities which only an agent familiar with the Palos Verdes area could appreciate to full extent. Prior to meeting you we had contemplated what we considered a realistic price, but your professional evaluation led to a higher asking price than we had expected. When we had questions as to the pricing of our home in this current market you provided us with the rationale and background as to why this price was fair value and your plans for a marketing strategy. It was your explanations and clarity which helped us to feel confident our house would sell despite a real estate atmosphere to the contrary.

Despite your confidence we emotionally hunkered down for the long haul. To our amazement and delight, our property sold within one week of listing and essentially at your designated asking price. We were so gratified we had trusted your professional expertise.

We also were pleased with your follow thru during closing of escrow. Your availability thru all of the phases of the sale of our home and this entire endeavor helped reduce the stress of our move to a minimum. We appreciate this as a luxury for which we thank you.

All said, Sheila-Anne, you helped us immensely with your availability, attention to detail, professionalism, and expertise. Your future clients will be most fortunate to work with you.

All our thanks,

Nora Ku

We Were Ecstatic With The Result.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My husband and I enlisted the help of Sheila-Anne Teisher to sell our home on Newridge Drive. We were ecstatic with the result.

Sheila-Anne sets the standard for realtor professionalism and performance. She sees the intrinsic value in a home that other realtors miss and through her skillful marketing, brings in buyers who are qualified and serious. We had four offers at list price or above and were able to pick the offer we felt was best. Incidentally, Sheila-Anne also found the buyer that ultimately purchased our home. A neighbor recommended Sheila-Anne, saying that she "brings in the Big Bucks". He was so right. Our home SOLD for $200,000 more than any other realtor thought it was worth.

Sheila oversees all aspects of the sale. She was present at all of the buyer-requested inspections as well as the appraisal inspection. She has a great network of time-tested specialists that handle all of the ins-and-outs of preparing a home for sale. No matter how large or small the detail, she knows what specialist to call.

We found Sheila-Anne easy to work with and very knowledgeable in her field. If we had another house to sell, Sheila-Anne would get the contract!

Gwen Clark

Honesty, Ethics And Morality

To whom it may concern,

We first became acquainted with Sheila-Anne Teisher over 20 years ago when we were looking to move from our North Redondo home to Palos Verdes. Sheila-Anne represented us in the sale of that home, obtaining a lease on our first home in Palos Verdes, and purchasing our first home in Palos Verdes. In total, Sheila-Anne has represented us in 7 real estate transactions, most recently, in the sale of our home on Via Coronel in Palos Verdes Estates, which will close on May 3, 2010.

We have had some challenges in those 7 transactions, and Sheila-Anne has navigated us through them. We feel very strongly that her ability to negotiate for us has made the critical difference in our ability to purchase our current home in a "seller's" market. In the sale of our current home, where the market is definitely a "buyer's" market, Sheila-Anne's marketing and pricing strategy made our home competitive and we are certain that all buyers knew about our home and had many opportunities to see it.

You may be thinking: "Sure, any real estate agent can do that for me". What really sets Sheila-Anne apart though is many things:

  • Her tireless work ethic: she works 7 days a week, and up to18 hours a day for her clients
  • Her honesty, ethics and morality: your interests are her number one concern, and you can trust her explicitly
  • Her knowledge of real estate and her negotiation skills: She has the knowledge and the instincts to know when to push hard on a point and when to finesse
  • Her background in law: She knows the intricacies of the standard contact forms used and her crafting of verbal tailoring of those contracts will protect you

We have recommended Sheila-Anne to many friends over the last 20 years, and those that have worked with her have thanked us for the recommendation. We wouldn't consider doing any real estate transaction without Sheila-Anne at our side.


Ken & Alice Moke

Anyone Who Uses Sheila-Anne’s Services Will Be Very Glad They Did.

To Whom It May Concern:

Sheila-Anne Teisher has been my realtor for well over a decade. She has helped me purchase one house, for which she successfully navigated a bidding war in a hot market to help me buy the home I desperately wanted. Sheila-Anne also has sold two houses for me. In both cases, she took care of every detail in getting the property ready to show, advertised it widely and well, and eventually found the buyers herself, resulting in a savings on the commission paid. In both cases, my properties sold for the full asking price.

In the most recent sale, in the first half of 2016, Sheila-Anne went far beyond what most realtors would be willing or competent to do. It turned out that my vintage home required a great deal of updating to meet with current codes before it could be put on the market. I, however, had already moved to Northern California and could not be present to meet with repair people, inspectors, appraisers, etc. Sheila-Anne not only met with everyone, sometimes many, many times, to keep the project on track, but she also handled the billing, and made sure all the proper signatures and forms were received and filed with the appropriate offices. Once the house went on the market, Sheila-Anne was tireless in her efforts to open the house on weekend afternoons, meet potential buyers by appointment whenever it was convenient for them, and promote my unique property in every way she could. Ultimately, the house sold for full price with limited contingencies and a short closing period. I cannot thank Sheila-Anne enough for all she did for me. She more than earned every dollar of her commission. As I think back over the many other purchases and sales of real estate I have been involved in, there is not another agent that comes close to delivering the services that Sheila-Anne can and does provide.

I recommend her highly to both buyers and sellers. Anyone who uses Sheila-Anne’s services will be very glad they did.


Alice E. Armitage

She Exceeded Our Expectations

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that we have prepared this recommendation. We have known - and benefited from knowing Sheila-Anne Teisher for about ten years. She has assisted us with all 5 of our personal real estate transactions occurring during that time as well as one commercial transaction (for one of our employers). The 5 personal transactions consisted of three home sales and two home purchases. In each case, she exceeded our expectations. In each of the sales cases we were able to receive our asking price, after we decided to follow her wise counsel. Our properties sold within a month of placing them on the market. This is especially because of her extensive and strategic market analysis and advertising.

Sheila-Anne's combination of real estate and legal expertise, along with significant negotiating experience give her a unique perspective and significant skill advantage when charting a course through today' s troubled market. That skill was very much in evidence about a year ago when she succeeded in overcoming resistance and inertia from the bank which owned a home we eventually purchased. Likewise, her knowledge and persistence were essential in assisting us with the preparation of lengthy and difficult disclosure documents for two of our home sales.

Part of our pleasure in writing this recommendation stems from Sheila-Anne's approachability on a human level. Going well beyond the call of duty, she has come out more than once to save the day on such. occasions as when our daughters have misplaced their home key and could not get in.

If you are lucky enough to have Sheila-Anne represent you in a real estate transaction, you have secured the "unfair advantage" that we should all have.

Best regards,

Ann and Andy Szilagyi

Outstanding Work You've Done For Us

Dear Sheila-Anne:

After the outstanding work you've done for us as our real estate agent, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely and express our great satisfaction with our new home.

From the start, you did what no other realtor ever did: you gave us an introduction to the various neighborhoods that suited our taste and our pockets. Amazingly, no other realtor took the trouble to educate us about the different communities. Instead, they tended to tout the area that happened to be their base or the house they happened to have listed that month.

Working with you was very refreshing. It was clear to us that with you, there was no need to worry about an "angle". You listened to our wishes, you didn't use any hard-sell tactics, and you made suggestions that were invariably helpful but never manipulative.

Miraculously, on our very first outing with you, we found our new home. This was partly luck, but also a function of your good judgment, your listening skills, and your negotiating prowess.

Our new home, as you know, is an incredibly good value. In this, too, you are to be credited.

When it came to negotiating the deal, you knew just the right strategy to get the best price. In every phase of the bidding process, your advice was golden. Being first-time buyers, our instincts were often incorrect -- based on haggling experiences with car salesmen and Turkish rug merchants -- but we soon learned to trust your counsel implicitly.

Early on, you advised us not to start negotiations with a "lowball" offer because, in your experience, such a strategy usually ends in the buyer not being taken seriously, paying more than necessary or losing the deal. As ever, you were absolutely correct. The bank's counter-offer, as you know, was much lower than we ever dreamed possible. After our initial pleased surprise, it was a great comfort to know that in the negotiations, we had an astute agent on our side who could play hardball if necessary, knew when to back down, and always displayed integrity.

After we accepted the counter-offer, you were at your most impressive. We have told many of our acquaintances about the many things you did for us, and no one said they had ever encountered that kind of commitment and service.

To accommodate our work schedules, you agreed to meet with us at our convenience often as early as 7 a.m. or as late as 10 p.m. Through it all, you were cordial, prompt, professional, and you created the pleasant illusion that we were your only customers (something we knew to be false) and that our affairs were your top priority. You navigated us through escrow without a hitch, recommending a reliable mortgage company, title insurance company, and hard-working, competitive lenders.

When we considered saving the $350 application fee for a second lender, you counseled against it, saying there was safety in having an alternate. Again, your advice was prophetic. Friends have told us horror stories about their lenders' merciless intractability. In contrast, our two lenders engaged in a bidding war over our loan, which resulted in a .1 percent drop in our fixed mortgage rate and a savings of perhaps $4,000 to $6,000 on free closing costs.

After the deal was made, you continued to amaze us with your personal initiative. You recommended workmen to evaluate the potential cost of necessary repairs. With the roof leaks, you arranged for two roofers to give estimates. The following week, you referred your trusted, reasonably priced workmen, sparing us countless interviews and sleepless nights worrying about possible incompetence. Besides sparing us anxiety, you also spared us hours of missed work. You personally let the stream of workmen -handyman, plumber, dishwasher repairman, roofer, fumigator and pool man -- in and out of the house, supervised and scheduled their work, reported to us daily on their progress, and even paid them out of pocket on a few occasions! Reading down the list, it sounds like you're a contractor, not a realtor

This kind of commitment is truly extraordinary, and we know it. Even when the papers were signed, the down payment made, and the keys exchanged, you continued to help us, referring painters and even escorting them through the house for estimates. And, to cap it off, you gave us a housewarming gift of carpet cleaning.

Naive as we were about what it takes to buy a home, we are very thankful that you were in charge. In retrospect, it would have been nearly impossible for us to buy a home with a less active and involved agent. Your self-appointed goal was to get the house turn-key ready before we moved in. You succeeded completely in that goal.

Many people who have bought homes report that after an offer is accepted, the realtor's only job is to collect his or her commission. In your case, nothing could be farther from reality. You earned every cent of your commission, and you earned our gratitude, respect and future referrals as well.

We believe it is rare in the real estate business to find an intelligent, educated person with your dedication and professionalism. We are aware that relative to the other deals you have on your plate, our home represented only a moderate commission. Yet this factor seemed irrelevant to the amount of attention you devoted to our house.

After all this, we have only one more request: please send more business cards. We give them to anyone we meet who seems interested in buying in the South Bay.

We know we will remain touch, and you most certainly will be the first dinner guest in our new home.

Our Best Regards,

Eliot and Diane Krieger

Excellent Job

Dear Sheila-Anne:

Miles and I want to extend to you our biggest "thank you" for the excellent job you did for us helping us find our new home. You took a chance on us knowing that we probably wouldn't find the home of our dreams, and you spent time to understand us and work successfully with both my husband and myself.

We have been extremely impressed how you handled many of the complexities of our sale. I'm sure you will always remember the challenges we faced, and you were always well prepared, extremely thorough and available at all hours with the advise of a learned sage.

I know we would never have found this house and been able to purchase it without your guidance. Being in the commission sales business, Miles and I value a true sales professional when we met one, and you are a professional in all definitions of the word.

Now that the sales of our previous home is done and we've moved into our fabulous new home, I hope we will still stay in touch. I have gotten used to our daily conversations.

Wishing you the best always.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Gordon

Totally Impressed By Her Professionalism And Her Knowledge

I am very happy to recommend Sheila-Anne Teisher as the most competent Real Estate person you'll ever meet. I say this with confidence as well as experience. I first met Sheila- Anne when I went to an open house in my neighborhood last year. She was greeting several people as they entered the residence and paid careful attention to each one of us, making us feel that she was genuinely there for each of us and ready to answer any questions. That was a great first impression. She showed the many wonderful selling features of the home with enthusiasm and went beyond that by giving her expertise about the market. Sheila-Anne also spoke about the current residents and how they loved living there all those years. Her attention to statistical details, comparing this property with others that had recently sold made me see she had done her homework and was ready to show the documents she brought with her to verify the information. I certainly thought if I ever sold my house I would definitely call her first.

As it turned out, my mother recently died and my brother and I had to put her house on the market. I found Sheila-Anne's card and called her right away. I was totally impressed by her professionalism and her knowledge about tax laws as well as her marketing strategies. We put the house on the market, sold it, and it closed escrow within 37 days. That had to be a record. I would hire Sheila-Anne without hesitation again. If any of my friends ask me to recommend someone it would be Sheila-Anne, hands down.



You Are Invaluable!

Dear Sheila-Anne Teisher,

It is with a grateful heart to thank you for all your tremendous help with the sell of our home in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.

Our family chose you because of your professional interview, invaluable wealth of knowledge/experience, and your direct expertise of Southern California real estate.

You never ceased to go above and beyond our expectations.
I would like to recap our unbelievable journey and your unbelievable commitment.

  1. Chose you to place our house on the market, then the market fell and we chose to take it off the market when water damage occurred due to faulty plumbing and we figured out how to remedy. You went above and beyond by helping to find trustworthy plumber, painters, etc to help us bring our home back to normal.
  2. You helped us list our home again and complete a painfully long short sale process. We were forced to consider short sale when our livelihood dropped significantly, family health was compromised and market tanked to an all time low. Our family encountered 2 deaths (1 miscarriage and grandfather passed of cancer) along with children with hospitalizations due to birth defects and ongoing allergy care. When it rained, it poured and You (Sheila-Anne) offered not only your words of encouragement, beautiful gifts to micro-managing the process of the never ending short sale all the way thru. You even drove to Simi Valley to hand delivery the Loan Co their outrageous and inconsistent requests of a 100 page document You managed to negotiate the end result of short sale vs foreclosure giving our family a chance to mend our mistakes and focus on our family and health!

You are truly a superb real estate agent that is competent, professional, and efficient and gets the job done! You did exactly what you promised and always explained things that were unclear, thank you! You are successful due to your intelligence, great passion and genuine care of humans. I can say this whoie heartedly having experience with other real estate agents in the past. You are invaluable!

Gratefully Yours,

Michelle, Steven, Laiken, Gregory and Elizabeth Viehmeyer

Express My Gratitude For Your Efforts

Dear Sheila-Anne:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your efforts in selling our home in Palos Verdes and your professional assistance as an expert witness in the several legal cases in which you have become involved.

I believe we were successful in selling our home at a time when the market was very slow because of your marketing ideas and the diligent follow up at every stage of the proceedings. The brochures and the newspaper advertising I am sure kept the property constantly before alI the realtors in the area and ultimately sold the property.

I also want to thank you for your understanding and considerate dealings with my clients who have been involved in marriage dissolution proceeding and in probates. People who have these problems need support from knowledgeable professionals to gain the self confidence necessary to carry out the sometimes unpleasant tasks laid before them. Your ability and willingness to spend the time and effort to help these people is most assuredly appreciated.

The very best of good wishes to you.


Robert B. Gaunt

We Seriously Recomended Sheila-Anne

Dear Sheila-Anne,

I am finally getting this letter of recommendation off to you as you requested. I am sorry that it is so late in getting to you. It seems like I am always doing something. The work for Frank's office never gets caught up. Please accept my apology.

When we bought our first home recently we found out how fortunate we were to have Sheila-Anne as our real estate agent. Our goal was simply to get a home that we liked and that we could comfortably afford. Sheila-Anne's goal was to help us find that home and to do whatever necessary to get that home into our possession. She did all the expected things her job required and more. We knew we had a special agent when she was able to explain all the components and legal issues involved in the purchase offer contract. We knew she was special again each time difficulties surfaced during escrow. She would immediately take control of the situations and work with all the problems until they were resolved to her satisfaction and ours. We often felt (happily) that she went beyond her job obligations. Therefore, to everyone who wants a successful outcome with their real estate transaction, we seriously recommended Sheila-Anne. She is a dedicated professional who enjoys her job and finds satisfaction when all goals are met. Her knowledge and credentials will only serve to help you in every aspect of your real estate transaction.


Frank & Jennifer

We Are Happy To Recommend You

Dear Sheila-Anne,

Frances and I want to thank you very much for the sound advice and for all the extra effort you spent in selling our home in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Now that all the boxes have been unpacked and life is approaching normal in our new house we haze had time to reflect on our home selling and moving adventure. It still amazes us that it took only 47 days from the day the decision was made to sell our RPV home and be living in our new house in Paso Robles. It is more amazing that it was only seven days from the decision day to sell that our home was in escrow at more than the list price with multiple offers to choose from.

We credit both the short selling and escrow time along with the final price to your Real Estate expertise. Just as important was your daily follow-up on the progress in all phases of the selling, escrow and moving process.

We are happy to recommend you to any of our friends and have done so.

Again thank you,

Pat & Frances

Sheila-Anne Is The Greatest!!

To Whom It May Concern:

Sheila-Anne is the greatest!! Not only was she able to find a buyer for us quickly, but also she made the entire process go a lot more smoothly.

My sister and I both live out of state from where our parents lived. Upon the death of our mom we knew it was time to sell the house. But to make the decision and follow through are 2 different things, especially from long distance. The enormity of cleaning out a house of 45 years of possessions was overwhelming. Sheila-Anne made it less painful by keeping us organized and on a time line, and by her willingness to be there for us when we couldn't be there. Not only did she supervise the repairs and cleaning of the house, but she also pitched in to help pack boxes and move them. And when one cupboard of treasures was overlooked by both me and the movers, she graciously packed them up and held on to them until I could pick them up. There is nothing that she did not or would not do to help keep the process moving. She is very thorough and organized.

Not only that, but her marketing strategy is one of a kind. Her approach to putting the house on the market with all of the special advertising allowed us to have several offers after only 2 weeks of showings.

If I had more property to sell in the Los Angeles area Sheila-Anne would be my only choice. Not only do I consider her a fantastic realtor but also a good friend. Thank you Sheila-Anne, words just can 't really adequately express my true feelings and how grateful I am to you!

Lynn Langway

You Are The "Best On The Hill"

Dear Sheila-Anne,

We want to wish you the happiest of New Years. Howard and I know you will make it a successful one! You certainly are one of the best!br>
As you know, we interviewed many realtors on "the hill". It was most important to find the right professional to merchandise our property for a quick, successful and profitable sale. From our first meeting, we felt sure we had found a professional realtor and a friend. Whether we were in negotiations or the final moments of closing, you were there performing and supporting us 110%. Your attention to detail protected us from pitfalls and kept everyone doing their job as well.br>
We were right. You are the "best on the hill". Perhaps, not all homes can be sold in 10 days, but I know who can do it, and make it a "good closing". Your expertise is most appreciated. Sheila-Anne, thank you.br>
Our very best,br>
Laurie & Howard


Dear Sheila-Anne,

It is very difficult to sell property at a distance of two thousand miles. It is even more difficult when that property is occupied by family members who don't want to leave. With the potential problems involved in marketing a house for people in divorce proceedings, it's no wonder real estate agents are reluctant to take on such listings. When my wife first contacted you in order to market our property, I worried about my interests being secondary to those of my wife's.

Your background in law and finance and your "track record" was impressive, but it was the personal interview that convinced me to list the property with you. You came prepared with a proposed agenda that was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Anyone could see you intended to sell. Only one question lingered after the meeting. Would you get co-operation? This question proved to be a test of your professionalism.

The cards were stacked against you! As warned, you became a baby-sitter to the occupants, who seemed bent on sabotage of the sale. This was in addition to your "normal" duties in a depressed real estate market. As if that wasn't enough, you had to keep tabs on me so documents could be executed via facsimile-12,000 miles away in Thailand. It is true you earned a commission for your efforts, but more significantly, you earned your grade on the Professional Test. It's an A+.

Thank you for all your extraordinary effort.

Very truly yours,

Graham Christie

Endless Patience, Kindness, And Ease Of Control Of The Situations

Dear Sheila-Anne Teisher,

I want you to know how much I've enjoyed working with you over these many weeks. Since I have had to do this effort alone, your willingness to help in any way was very much appreciated. With the help of you and your sources, it has made the selling of this home much easier.

Sheila-Anne, your meticulous handling of the business of selling my home and the fast pace which was needed so often are reasons I'm going to Ohio in this relatively short period of time.

Your endless patience, kindness, and ease of control of the situations gave me a lot of confidence in you. You always listened to my concerns. When I "doubted", you were "positive". Thank you for your friendship during this hard time of my life.

Your Friend,


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There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

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